What Is Micro Modal?

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In the world of fabrics, innovations continue to emerge that prioritize both comfort and environmental responsibility. One such innovation that has gained popularity in recent years is Micro Modal. With its luxurious softness and eco-friendly properties, Micro Modal has become a sought-after fabric for a range of clothing and textile products. In this blog, we’ll explore the concept of Micro Modal, its unique characteristics, benefits, and its role in promoting sustainable fashion.

What Is Micro Modal?

Micro Modal is a type of fabric known for its exceptional softness, breathability, and eco-friendliness. It is a variation of Modal, a semi-synthetic fabric made from beechwood pulp. What sets Micro Modal apart is its finer fibers, resulting in a fabric that is even softer and more lightweight than traditional Modal.

Production Process

The production of Micro Modal involves several key steps:

  1. Raw Material Extraction: Beechwood trees are sustainably harvested, and the wood chips are processed to extract cellulose.
  2. Cellulose Dissolution: The extracted cellulose is dissolved in a chemical solution to create a viscose substance.
  3. Fiber Extrusion: The viscose is extruded through fine nozzles, resulting in ultra-fine fibers that give Micro Modal its softness and smooth texture.
  4. Spinning: The fibers are then spun into yarn, which can be woven or knitted to create various textiles.

Benefits Of Micro Modal

  1. Exceptional Softness: Micro Modal is renowned for its silky and luxurious softness against the skin. The fine fibers contribute to a smooth texture that enhances comfort.
  2. Breathability: The natural properties of Modal fibers allow for excellent breathability, making Micro Modal ideal for warm weather and active wear.
  3. Moisture Absorption: Micro Modal has superior moisture-wicking capabilities, absorbing and releasing moisture quickly to keep the body dry and comfortable.
  4. Drapability: The fine fibers give Micro Modal fabric a beautiful drape, enhancing the flow and movement of clothing.
  5. Sustainability: Micro Modal is derived from sustainably harvested beechwood trees, and its production process is less resource-intensive compared to some other fabrics. This makes it a more eco-friendly option.

Sustainable Fashion And Micro Modal

The fashion industry is increasingly focusing on sustainability, and fabrics like Micro Modal are playing a significant role in this movement. The use of renewable materials, eco-conscious production methods, and the durability of Micro Modal align with the principles of sustainable fashion. By choosing garments made from Micro Modal, consumers contribute to reducing the environmental impact of their clothing choices.


Micro Modal stands as a prime example of how innovative materials can offer both luxurious comfort and environmental responsibility. With its unmatched softness, breathability, and sustainability, Micro Modal is reshaping the fashion landscape and influencing consumer choices towards more eco-friendly options. As we continue to prioritize both comfort and the planet, fabrics like Micro Modal provide a path toward a more sustainable and stylish future.

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Is Micromodal Better Than Cotton?

Cotton fabrics come in various thicknesses, whilst Micromodal fabric is very thin. Micromodal is 50 per cent more water-absorbent than cotton. Micromodal is a better choice for luxurious underwear given its supreme comfort and softness, and its ability to wick moisture better than cotton.

What Is A Micro Modal Fabric?

Micro Modal is a plant-based fabric that is soft, stretchable and resistant to shrinkage. Compared to regular Modal fabric, Micro Modal has thinner fibres. So Micro Modal can be tightly woven to produce a soft silky fabric that is resistant to moisture and heat.

Is Micro Modal Better Than Polyester?

Micro modal underwear is a great option for those looking for comfortable, breathable, and durable men’s underwear. It’s natural properties and high-quality feel are much better than other natural fabrics like cotton and bamboo, and synthetic fabrics like polyester and lycra.

Is Micro Modal Stretchy?

Is micro modal stretchy? Micro modal is super stretchy, especially when woven with a touch of lycra like most of our garments are. Micro modal clothes are like a gentle hug for your body; they drape beautifully.

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