What Is Enema Punishment? Is It Legal?

Lincoln Rogers

Enema Punishment

Have you heard about enema punishment? You must have heard enema that also known as clyster is used for purification. But how is it used in punishment? Let us first understand what exactly Enema is then we will learn about how an is enema used as punishment and whether it is legal.

What Is Enema?

What Is Enema

Enema is a process that is used to purify the bowel or clean you by injecting a liquid into the lower bowel through the rectum. It is most commonly used to clear constipation. It is also used for the treatment of traveler’s diarrhea. For constipation, it gives quick relief but using it the first time may be a bit intimidating. Yes, it seems a bit scary procedure. 

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What Is Enema Punishment?

Enema Punishment is used in the world of BDSM where usually the partner is naked and handcuffed. This is also enjoyed in the sexual plays by some but it can be referred to as a sadomasochistic activity to erotic humiliation and to create physical discomfort. 

In BDSM the punishment is given as giving control of the bowels to the partner. It also may discover many new cozy places in the body. Mostly the acts gives permission to the partner to abuse the other one as dominance and submission role plays. 

Also, Enema is used sexually to empty the rectum so that the risk of infection can be reduced in anal sex. Also, some people may enjoy the process of enema as it can be intimidating and maybe arousal sexually. 

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Is Enema Punishment Legal?

Enema punishment in BDSM has been used for a long time and it shows the control of the slave. In BDSM many people enjoy giving their slaves punishments to make them discipline, embarrass, and torment the slaves. There are many couples who actually enjoy the act as it gives them sexual satisfaction.

Back in time, it was also used by parents to punish their children then may be referred to as child abuse. 

Final Words

The enema is simply an injection of fluid into the rectum to clear bowel movement and give relief from constipation. It is also used as punishment in BDSM to physically and mentally hurt as punishment. Although we may always recommend that anything related to health should be done without consulting the doctor.


Can enemas be used as punishment?

In BDSM it is used as a punishment that is used forcibly or forced to do the procedure as punishment.

What is enema abuse?

Enema abuse is when the process of enema is done forcefully on someone and it may hurt them not only physically but also mentally. 

What happens if you do too much enema?

Anything in access is harmful and so is enema. It can cause dehydration as it may mess up the gut bacteria and chemicals. One may lose more than required water from the body and this may cause you to get sich easily.