What Is Will Call Ticketmaster?

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Ticketmaster’s Will Call service offers convenience and flexibility for event ticket pick-up. Understanding how Will Call works, its process, and its significance enhances the ticket purchasing experience, especially for events managed by Ticketmaster.

What Is Will Call Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster’s Will Call is a service that allows patrons to collect pre-purchased event tickets directly at the venue’s box office on the day of the event. It offers an alternative to traditional delivery methods, providing a secure option for retrieving tickets in person.

Understanding Canadian Will Call For Ticketmaster:

For events in Canada, Ticketmaster’s Will Call operates similarly to its standard service, allowing ticket holders to pick up their tickets at designated locations within the venue upon presenting valid identification and the purchasing credit card.

The Process Of Will Call On Ticketmaster:

  • Ticket Purchase: Customers opt for the Will Call option during the ticket purchase process on Ticketmaster’s platform.
  • Confirmation and Information: Upon completing the purchase, customers receive confirmation along with details regarding the Will Call pick-up location and necessary identification.
  • Day of the Event: On the event day, ticket holders visit the designated Will Call area at the venue’s box office, presenting a government-issued ID and the credit card used for the purchase to retrieve their tickets.

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Benefits Of Will Call For Ticketmaster:

  • Secure Ticket Collection: Will Call offers a secure way to collect tickets, reducing the risk of loss or theft associated with physical delivery methods.
  • Last-Minute Convenience: It allows for last-minute ticket pick-ups, accommodating those unable to receive tickets via mail or digital delivery.

Key Considerations And Tips:

  • Identification Requirements: Valid identification matching the ticket purchaser’s name and the purchasing credit card are typically required for ticket retrieval.
  • Arrival Time: Arriving early before the event start time is advisable to avoid long queues at the Will Call window.


In conclusion, Ticketmaster’s Will Call service offers a convenient and secure alternative for ticket pick-up at event venues. Understanding the process, requirements, and benefits of Will Call ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for patrons attending events managed by Ticketmaster. It provides flexibility and peace of mind, especially for those preferring in-person ticket collection on the day of the event.


Why Do They Call It Will Call?

The word “call” is a shortened form of “call for”, which means “to come and get”, so “will call” literally means “(the customer) will call for (come and get) the goods.” In a linguistic process similar to initial-stress derived nominalization, the first syllable of the noun phrase is usually stressed (“will call”) …

Can I Sell Will Call Tickets On Ticketmaster?

“Will call” simply means you will pick the tickets up at the venue box office on the day of the show. Those tickets are held in your name, and you must show an ID to pick the tickets. So the only way to sell them would be to pick them up at the venue, and sell them after picking them up.

Will Ticketmaster Send Me My Tickets?

Your tickets will be in your inbox as a PDF attachment. When you select Print-at-Home, make sure you have your tickets printed before for your event. You’ll get your tickets within 10-14 business days. Tickets are printed within seven days of purchase and shipped via USPS First Class Mail.

Can I Buy Tickets By Calling Ticketmaster?

National Toll Free SALES number: 1-800-745-3000

Consumers can use this number to purchase tickets to any events in the continental United States, no matter what their location is.

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