What Is Sissy Husband? Is It For Real?

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looking for What Is Sissy Husband? Is It For Real? In this modern world, there are many slangs used and we are always confused about it. Sissy husband is a very such word or slang that is that just gives confusion about its meaning and existence. Read everything about What Is Sissy Husband? below in the article

What Is Sissy Husband? 

Sissy Husband is a term or slang that is used to describe a husband who is not being traditionally masculine. He is not as strong as society has created the image of a man of the house. 

As per the traditional husband, dominates the wife and is very masculine. Here the husband and wife have their roles reversed like the wife dominates the husband in many aspects of life.  

Husbands that are in such conversations where the wife is the dominating member in place of the husband are called sissy husbands.

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Is Sissy Husband For Real?

Yes, the Sissy husband is real although they might not be socially recognized they do exist. The word sissy is a slang that is used to describe a male that is a coward or behaves like a female. Here is where the slang sissy husband came from. It’s a way to describe such a husband in a conversation.

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Books About Sissy Husband?

Here are some books that have stories that have complete references about the characters who are sissy husbands. You can easily find such books on amazon.com. Here are some of the famous books.

  • The Real Life Of A Sissy Husband
  • Sissification How to Train a Sissy Husband
  • Sissy Husband Bundle
  • Monica’s Sissy Husband


In this world today where women are not as powerless as they were and are dependent on husbands and children. But you must always keep in mind that different people have very different personalities. It is not necessary that they fit in the traditional roles because every person has their own qualities. So let us not judge anyone and differentiate people with different social norms.


What Is A Sissy In Gender?

Sissy is referred to as a boy or a man who is not masculine physically as per the social norms and has some weaknesses in him.

What Is The Original Meaning Of The Word Sissy?

The original meaning of sissy is “effeminate man”.The word sissy comes from the word sister. You can describe a sissy as a timid, weak.

Where Does Sissy-Boy Come From?

Sissy-Boy is a retail band that originates in Dutch and was founded in 1982 by Micheal Smit. They sell quality clothes and health care plus interior products.

What Is The Synonym Of Sissy?

Some synonyms of sissy are coward, weakling, crybaby, and milksop.