What Does Attend In Tagalog Mean? Simplified

Lincoln Rogers

Attend In Tagalog

Wondering what you say “attend” in Tagalog: what attend is translated to and how it should be used, so let us discuss this one easy concept for your better understanding.

How To Attend In Tagalog

The English word “attend” refers to the act of going somewhere, particularly an event. It is getting very much to the point – showing up and involving yourself in something.

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Attend In Tagalog 

Attend In Tagalog 

In Tagalog, there are many different ways to express “attend.”

  • Dumalo: to attend on an occasion (e.g., a party, meeting)
  • Pumunta = denoting an action of going to some place or event when you may say perhaps for a better reason but not just simply because it means the act of being somewhere as his/her final decision.
  • Sama: This may suggest something to do with uniting or even adding where engagement in action or attending is visible.
  • Notice: Originally, to notice meant just to be mindful or pay attention.
  • Sumipot – to show up (showing arrival or attendance somewhere/event)

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Examples Using “Attend In Tagalog”

Examples Using "Attend In Tagalog"

To use attend in Tagalog, you may want to check out the examples below by replacing it with your desired word equivalent

  • Example 1: They attended a birthday party yesterday.
    • Translation: “Yesterday, they attended her birthday party.”
  • Example 2: “We went to my brother’s graduation.”
    • Translation: My sibling graduated.
  • Example 3: “I joined the outreach program of our school.
    • Translation: Went to an outreach of our school
  • Example 4:  “Take note of the details in this presentation.”
    • Translation: “Be attentive to the presentation.”
  • Example 5: “He showed up in the PTA meeting.”
    • Translation: He came to the parent meeting.

Uses Of Feed In Tagalog

In the Philippine setting, saying these words serves as a way to tell how we are part of what happened and meetings compared with the others), it adds love respect, or support for our fellow beings.

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Learning how to say attend in Tagalog helps you communicate with other Filipino speakers. It shows a vested effort in their language and traditions.


So there you have it, being able to use “attend in Tagalog” as dumalo,pumunta,sama, pension, and sumipot will keep you interjected well when a Filipino event rolls by or a topic arises. Being there, being present, and engaged in meaningful participation.


How To Say Attend In Tagalog?

Depending on the context, you can translate “attend” to Tagalog as: dumalo pumunta sama pansinin sumipot

Ano Ang Halimbawa Ng Pangungusap Gamit…?

Sample: “They attended the birthday party yesterday.” IT MEANS: they WENT TO THE BIRTHDAY PARTY YESTERDAY

How Do I Know When To Use “Pumunta” To Express Going Somewhere?

Sample: “We went to a company seminar on…” (Translated: She and I, went to a company seminar.resolve(LOGGED_IN_VIEW);

Events Attended In A Formal Sense – When “Sama” Is Used?

Hence “sama” means sharing, be it anything an activity or a gathering signifying participation in an event

Are The Tagalog Verbs Pansinin And Sumipot Different When It Comes To Attending Events?

Pansinin means to notice or at least heed, and sumipot is typically translated as show up (arrive) (in an event — siguro).